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Issue No. 20, Article 1/August 10, 2007

Off-Campus Courses to Be Offered This Fall

To satisfy the increasing interest of nontraditional (i.e., off-campus) students who want to take University of Illinois crops-focused courses, we will offer three courses via the Internet during the fall 2007 semester: CPSC 440--Applied Statistical Methods I, HORT 466--Growth and Development of Horticulture Plants, and CPSC 499--Plant Breeding and Chromosomes. All of these courses will be delivered using the software Elluminate and are available to interested students everywhere, including graduate students in the Crop Sciences off-campus master's program, nondegree students, and certified crop advisers (CCAs). For all courses, students will be required to have a working microphone to use during discussion online. High-speed Internet connection is highly recommended to participate effectively in the online courses. Instructions for downloading Elluminate are provided to all students who sign up for one or more of the courses. More specific information about each course follows:

  • CPSC 440 XM, Applied Statistical Methods I. Course Reference Number 50432. Wednesdays, 6:00 to 9:15 p.m., August 22 to December 12. 4 graduate hours. Instructor: Dr. Germán Bollero, Associate Professor of Biometry and Cropping Systems, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois. The course will focus on statistical methods involving relationships between populations and samples; collection, organization, and analysis of data; and techniques in testing hypotheses with an introduction to regression, correlation, and analysis of variance limited to the completely randomized design and the randomized complete-block design.
  • HORT 466 XM, Growth and Development of Horticulture Plants. Course Reference Number 50433. Tuesdays, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., August 21 to December 11. 4 graduate hours. Instructor: Dr. Donald Briskin, Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois. The course will focus on factors affecting the growth, development, and quality of horticultural crops. Topics include plant hormones/growth regulators, vegetative growth, seed physiology, root growth, abscission, flowering, fruit development, senescence, and mineral nutrition. These processes will be examined from the perspectives of both fundamental plant physiology and practical application in applied plant sciences.
  • CPSC 499 XM, Plant Breeding and Chromosomes. Course Reference Number 50679. Thursdays, 6:30 to 9:45 p.m., October 18 to December 13. 2 graduate hours. Instructor: Dr. Lane Rayburn, Associate Professor of Cytogenetics, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois. In this 8-week course, students will learn an appreciation of the chromosome and its role as the link between basic and applied research and why an understanding of the chromosome is important in the process of plant breeding. Crops that will be discussed in detail are maize, wheat, pumpkin, peppers, and rhododendron, as well as biomass species Miscanthus, switchgrass, and poplar.

For more information about the Crop Sciences off-campus graduate studies program or the professional development certificate in Crop Sciences, please visit the following Web sites: www.cropsci.uiuc.edu/ocgs and www.outreach.uiuc.edu.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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