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Issue No. 5, Article 1/April 27, 2007

Videos of Short Courses Are Accessible on the Web

On February 28 and March 6, 2007, entomologists from several states delivered short courses via distance education technology. The course on February 28 focused on western bean cutworms, and the one on March 6 focused on biological control of soybean aphids. Both courses were recorded, and the resulting videos, which synchronize the audio files with the PowerPoint presentations, can be accessed at the North Central IPM Center Web site.

The "Western Bean Cutworm Short Course" videos are available, with presentations by Eileen Cullen (University of Wisconsin), Gary Hein (University of Nebraska), Marlin Rice (Iowa State University), and Kevin Steffey (University of Illinois) on these topics:

  • Review of the situation (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin)
  • History and biology of the western bean cutworm
  • Economic impact of the western bean cutworm
  • Look-alikes--moths and larvae
  • Managing western bean cutworms

The videos for "Managing Soybean Aphids in 2007: How Will Biological Control Contribute?" are also available. Entomologists from eight states made presentations on these topics:

  • History and biology of the soybean aphid (David Voegtlin, Illinois Natural History Survey)
  • Review of the situation with soybean aphids in the Midwest (David Ragsdale, University of Minnesota)
  • What is biological control, and what do we have to work with in the Midwest? (Bob O'Neil, Purdue University)
  • Predators, parasitoids, and pathogens (Kelley Tilmon, South Dakota State University)
  • Practices to conserve and use natural enemies (Matt O'Neal, Iowa State University)
  • Introducing new natural enemies into the U.S. (Bob O'Neil)
  • Foreign exploration (Kim Hoelmer, USDA-ARS, Newark, Delaware)
  • Host specificity testing (George Heimpel, University of Minnesota)
  • Studies with nontarget aphids (Cory Straub, University of Wisconsin)
  • Management guidelines and potential for biological control (Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University, and Marlin Rice, Iowa State University)

Both short courses were facilitated by the North Central IPM Center. The western bean cutworm short course was sponsored by the North Central IPM Center, and the soybean aphid biological control short course was sponsored by the North Central Soybean Research Program.

We hope that the information shared during the two courses will prove to have value throughout 2007. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can follow up with specific speakers or try to handle your questions or comments myself.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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