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Issue No. 25, Article 5/December 8, 2006

Results (as PowerPoint Slides) from the 2006 Fall Survey for Second-Generation European Corn Borers

In issue no. 24 (November 3, 2006) of the Bulletin, we published the results from the 2006 fall survey for second-generation European corn borers and provided some interpretation of the data. Since then, we have developed a slide set encompassing all of the data gathered in all crop reporting districts and counties. The data included are average densities of European corn borer larvae and average percentages of infestation. To access the slides, please visit this link, then click on "Fall Survey 2006." If you use any of the data, please acknowledge the Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois. And don't hesitate to contact either me or Mike Gray if you have any questions about the data.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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