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Issue No. 24, Article 2/November 3, 2006

North Central Weed Science Society Meeting

Weed control practitioners are continually looking for dependable sources of information to assist their quest to better understand the biology and management of weed species. While technologies have evolved and equipment has become more sophisticated, weeds still persist in areas where they aren't always welcome, including row crops, vegetable crops, pastures, and roadside areas. Some suggested recent advances in technology would make weed management simpler (dare we say easier?), yet time and again we learn that "biologically adaptable" organisms continue to frustrate our best efforts at simplified management.

We encourage those who are interested in the most current information about weeds and their management to attend the 61st meeting of the North Central Weed Science Society, December 11-14 at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The meeting, themed "Weeds: Old Timers and New Arrivals," will include research presentations in both oral and poster formats, as well as three symposia:

  • Invasive Weeds (Wednesday morning and afternoon)
  • Glyphosate Resistance (all day Tuesday)
  • Adjuvants (all day Wednesday)

The Extension section will host discussions on "Glyphosate Weed Management" and "What Makes a Resistant Weed Resistant?" on Thursday. These discussions will undoubtedly be lively and spirited as well as informational and thought-provoking.

For additional information about the North Central Weed Science Society meeting, including hotel accommodations and meeting registration, please visit NCWSS.org on the Web.--Aaron Hager and Dawn Nordby

Aaron Hager
Dawn Refsell

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