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Issue No. 18, Article 1/July 28, 2006

CPSC 479, Insect Pest Management, for Agriculturists and Horticulturists

In last week's issue of the Bulletin (issue no. 17, July 21, 2006), I notified readers of two courses that will be taught in the College of ACES Off-Campus Graduate Studies program during the 2006 fall semester. This week I wish to emphasize one of the two courses, CPSC 479, Insect Pest Management. The course will be delivered via two-way video at four locations--Champaign, Oak Brook, Mt. Vernon (actually Rend Lake College near Ina), and Springfield. However, we will be able to deliver the program to these sites only if enough students sign up at each site to make delivery to each site cost effective. In the past, we have had a little trouble attracting enough interest at the Mt. Vernon and Springfield locations, so courses scheduled for those sites have been cancelled. We are hoping that enough participants sign up that the course can be delivered to all sites. Should anyone wish to take the course only for Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) continuing education units (20 in IPM), the cost is just $175. CCAs who register for the course are not required to take the exams.

I encourage you to let neighbors and friends know about the course; its expanded subject matter will include not only field crops but also fruit and vegetable crops, turf, greenhouses, and trees and shrubs. The Japanese beetle, which attacks most of the aforementioned commodities, could be our poster insect for the course this year. We hope you find the subject matter compelling and consider registering.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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