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Issue No. 13, Article 1/June 23, 2006

An Inventory of Field Crop Insect Issues in the Midwest

On June 20, extension entomologists from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin convened during a teleconference to share information about insect situations and issues in their respective states. A synopsis of the reports follows:

Illinois (Mike Gray, Kevin Steffey)

  • Western corn rootworm adults beginning to emerge.
  • Large numbers of Japanese beetles emerging, especially in southern Illinois.
  • Low numbers of soybean aphids.
  • Low numbers of European corn borers.

Iowa (Marlin Rice)

  • Low numbers of soybean aphids. In some fields, the numbers were lower recently than they were two weeks ago.
  • A few reports of sandhill cutworm infestations in corn.
  • Large numbers of potato leafhoppers in alfalfa.

Michigan (Chris DiFonzo)

  • Although alfalfa weevil problems were significant, reports of problems are declining.
  • A few reports of armyworms in wheat, but the wheat looks very good.
  • A few reports of armyworms and white grubs in corn.
  • Soybean aphid numbers are low, although soybean aphids can be found in virtually every soybean field.

Nebraska (Bob Wright)

  • Reports of problems with "miscellaneous" insect pests of corn (e.g., corn earworms feeding in whorls).
  • European corn borer moth flight has passed its peak.
  • First flight of western bean cutworm moths.
  • Localized infestations of corn blotch leafminers, with some injury severe.

Wisconsin (Eileen Cullen)

  • Problems with alfalfa weevils are subsiding.
  • A few reports of armyworms in corn.
  • Soybean aphid numbers are low.

This inventory is intended to provide a snapshot of insect issues around the Midwest. As always, please contact any of us if you have information to share.--Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray

Kevin Steffey
Mike Gray

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