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Issue No. 1, Article 2/March 24, 2006

Proceedings of the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference Are on the Web (and Videos Will Be Available Soon)

The Proceedings of the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, held on the University of Illinois campus on January 4 and 5, can be accessed as a pdf file on our IPM Web site (Adobe PDF, 2 MB). The first three printed pages are a "Table of Contents" to all of the papers written for the proceedings by the individuals who gave the presentations at the conference. You want to know more details about transgenic crops, nitrogen recommendations, glyphosate resistance, western bean cutworms, corn rootworm control, soybean rust, or soybean aphids? Read the articles in the proceedings written by Bruce Chassy (page 1), Emerson Nafziger (page 26), Aaron Hager (page 46), Kelly Cook (page 49), Mike Gray (page 54), Suzanne Bissonnette (page 73), and David Ragsdale (page 103), respectively. You want to get more insight into "Who Needs IPM in the 21st Century?" Read the stimulating articles written by Allan Felsot (Washington State University) and Leon Higley (University of Nebraska) beginning on pages 126 and 131, respectively.

We have published printed versions of the proceedings of the Illinois Crop Protection Conference (formerly the Illinois Agricultural Pesticides Conference, formerly the Illinois Custom Spray Operators Training School) since 1949. Beginning in 1998, we began to make the proceedings available on our web site. We hope you take the opportunity to peruse articles of interest for both historical and reference perspectives.

The proceedings papers written by the presenters at the conference provide the detail that cannot be included in 15- to 20-minute presentations. However, proceedings papers cannot capture the nuances of the subject matter that occur during oral presentations. So, in an attempt to add value to the Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, we videotaped almost every presentation given at the 2006 conference (a couple of authors did not provide consent to videotape). To make these videos available for viewing over the Internet, several editing, synchronization, and compression activities had to be accomplished. We are almost finished with these processes, and the videos should be available very soon. If all goes well here, we should be announcing their availability within a week or two. We will announce their availability in an article in the Bulletin, so keep your eyes and ears open.--Kevin Steffey

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