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Issue No. 25, Article 2/December 9, 2005

Another Reminder to Register for the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, the Corn & Soybean Classics, and/or the Regional Crop Management Workshops

Planning continues for the Crop Protection Technology Conference, the Corn & Soybean Classics, and the Regional Crop Management Workshops, and registrations are "pouring in" (to quote a knowledgeable source) daily. We think we have some excellent educational programs planned for these events in 2006, and we hope you take the opportunity to attend one or more of them.

Lots of information about the conference and the Classics is available on our IPM Conferences web site. You can register for either program online, or you can download a printable form and register by mail. The early-registration deadline for the conference is December 16. The early-registration deadlines for the Classics are December 23 (for phone, fax, and mail-in registrations) and January 4 (for online registrations). Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) credits for each program have been established. Check the Web site for more information.

Learn more about the University of Illinois Regional Crop Management Workshops by contacting one of the following individuals:

  • Central Illinois Crop Management Workshop, Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center, Springfield, February 21-22: Robert Bellm, Edwardsville Extension Center, rcbellm@uiuc.edu.
  • Northern Illinois Crop Management Workshop, Kishwaukee College Convention Center, Malta, February 28-March 1: Dave Feltes, Quad Cities Extension Center, dfeltes@uiuc.edu.
  • Southern Illinois Crop Management Workshop, Rend Lake Resort and Convention Center, Whittington, February 7-8: Dennis Epplin, Mt. Vernon Extension Center, depplin@uiuc.edu.

The workshops will feature opening and closing sessions for all attendees, with concurrent sessions focused on the most important regional crop management issues.

If you attend any of these programs, please take the opportunity to visit with the coordinators and speakers to offer feedback about the value of the program or to provide suggestions for future versions.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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