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Issue No. 24, Article 1/November 11, 2005

Register Now for the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference and Corn & Soybean Classics

Online registration is up and running for the University of Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference and Corn & Soybean Classics, with early registrations beginning to accumulate. You can register for either program by visiting the conference pages on our IPM Web site. After you select the program of interest, you can learn more about it on the pages that have been developed specifically for the Conference and the Classics. A "Registration" tab is available for each program, and the registration process is quite easy.

Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference. You can view a PDF file of the 2006 conference program by clicking on "Program." More information is available under "Session Schedule". Most presentation titles are linked to abstracts and photographs of the speakers. In addition, links to maps of the Illini Union will help you locate where the sessions will be held.

We are going to try something a little different with part of the Opening Session in 2006. The session titled "The Day After Yesterday" will focus on "2005, A Year in Review--What Happened? What Did We Learn? How Can We Use What We Learned for the Future?" Each of the four speakers (Aaron Hager, weed scientist; Dean Malvick, plant pathologist; Emerson Nafziger, crop production specialist; Kevin Steffey, entomologist) will give a brief overview of the 2005 growing season regarding weeds, plant diseases, crop production issues, and insects, respectively. Following the presentations, the speakers will remain for a panel discussion to respond to audience questions. The session will be moderated by Todd Gleason, media-communications specialist with Information Technology and Communications Services in the College of ACES.

Similar Q&A sessions have been very successful at the Corn & Soybean Classics, so we hope to generate considerable interest in this "nuts-and-bolts" approach. We will accept questions asked in three ways: submitted on note cards to be placed on all chairs before the session, asked over open microphones, and submitted to our Web site beforehand.

To submit a question in advance, click on "Submit a Question" after the session title ("The Day After Yesterday") to be directed to a page where you can select topic and speaker and write your question. You also will be able to ask more challenging questions that require responses from more than one specialist. (For example, your question may involve aspects of crop production and weed management. Because pest management and crop production issues usually are interconnected, questions and answers often are more complex.) Unless you choose otherwise, you can submit your questions anonymously. The more questions we receive, the more lively the session will be, so don't hesitate to submit some of the burning questions that may not have been answered yet.

Corn & Soybean Classics. You can learn more about the Classics program and meeting dates and locations by clicking on the appropriate tabs at the Web site.

We hope you can join us at either the Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference or the Corn & Soybean Classics, or both. Please help us spread the word about both programs. We'll see you in 2006.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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