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Issue No. 22, Article 2/September 2, 2005

Annual Survey for Second-Generation European Corn Borers Set to Begin

As we wind down the summer months and move into fall, plans are in full swing to begin our annual survey of second-generation European corn borer. This survey has taken place every fall since 1943, with the exception of 2 years.

Ten fields in each of 50 counties in Illinois will be surveyed for the average number of European corn borer larvae per 100 plants and the average percentage of infestation for the counties surveyed in each crop reporting district. Past results of the survey can be viewed at the European corn borer page on the IPM Web site. Clicking on "Fall survey" will produce a fact sheet explaining the history and annual conduct of the survey. Within the fact sheet is another link, providing access to the historical database.

We'll publish the results of this year's survey in a future issue of the Bulletin, as well as post the results on the IPM Web site.--Kelly Cook

Kelly Estes

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