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Issue No. 21, Article 2/August 12, 2005

University of Illinois Agronomy Day, August 18, 2005

The annual University of Illinois Agronomy Day will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (also known as the South Farms) in Urbana, Illinois, on August 18. The theme is "Local Discovery/Global Impact." You can learn more details at the Department of Crop Sciences Web site: http://agronomyday.cropsci.uiuc.edu.

In addition to numerous displays "under the Big Top" (our blue and orange tent), there will be four tours:

Tour A

  • Terry Niblack--Most SCN-Resistant Soybean Varieties Are NOT Resistant to SCN: 2005 Update on SCN Races in Illinois
  • Mohammad Babadoost--Vegetable Production in Illinois: Current and Potential
  • Dean Malvick, Linda Sue Kull--The Soybean Rust Sentinel Plot System in Illinois
  • Glen Hartman, Brian Diers, Curt Hill--Soybean Aphid Resistance
  • Emerson D. Nafziger--Do We Really Need All This Stuff on Soybean?

Tour B

  • Joseph Spencer--Rootworm Movement in Transgenic and Refuge Corn: Getting Beetles from Here to There
  • Kevin Steffey, Ron Estes--New Strategies for Managing Soybean Aphids and Other Insect Pests of Soybeans
  • Michael Gray, Darren M. Bakken--Seed Treatments and Transgenic Hybrids for Corn Rootworms: Management Challenges Persist
  • Loren Bode, Scott Bretthauer--How to Apply Soybean Rust Fungicides
  • Fred Below, Stephen Moose--Genetic Differences in Nitrogen Use by Corn

Tour C

  • Dean Riechers, Josie Hugie--Can Weed Resistance to HPPD Inhibitors Be Prevented?
  • Bill Simmons--How and When Weeds Steal Resources
  • George Czapar--Southern Weeds Moving North
  • Dawn Nordby, Aaron Hager, Patrick Tranel--As If You Didn't Have Enough Weed Problems Already
  • Stanley Solomon, Jr., Dennis Bowman, Pete Fandel--Low-Cost GPS for Agricultural Applications

Tour D

  • Gary Schnitkey, Dale Lattz--Cost and Efficiencies If Different Sized Combines
  • Stephen Long, Kevin Hollis, Timothy Mies, Patrick Morgan, Randall Nelson, Don Ort--Could Air Quality in Central Illinois Be Depressing Soybean Yield Today and More So Tomorrow?
  • Tim Wilcox, Alan Hansen--Harvesting Grain More Effectively with Wireless Data Communication
  • Ted Funk--Manure Management Marathon: Winners Plan for the Long Run
  • Emily Heaton, Frank Dohleman--Fuel Without the Fossils: Can Miscanthus Do for Coal What Ethanol Has Done for Gasoline?

Again, you can obtain more information (on parking, lunch, etc.) at http://agronomyday.cropsci.uiuc.edu. We hope you can join us on August 18.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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