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Issue No. 9, Article 2/May 20, 2005

Wireworms Wanted!

I recently corresponded with a graduate student at the University of Missouri who is working on the molecular diagnostics and population genetics of economically important wireworm species in the Midwest. Ms. Erica Lindroth, who is working for Dr. Tom Clark, is seeking samples of wireworms from populations throughout the Midwest. If you encounter wireworms, you can send specimens (10 to 20) to her at the Department of Entomology, 1-31 Agriculture Building, Columbia, MO 65211. You can send the wireworms alive in soil, or you can preserve the larvae in alcohol and send them. Please include the date and location of collection. For the location, GPS coordinates would be great, but county; nearest city, town, or village; and nearest road/highway intersection will suffice.

I am pleased to know that entomologists at the University of Missouri continue to conduct research related to wireworms. Dr. Armon Keaster, retired UM entomologist, amassed a significant body of research on wireworms, and many of us have benefited from his efforts. However, few entomologists these days are willing to invest much time and effort to study these persistent pests. So kudos to Erica and Tom; their findings could provide some insight for managing wireworms in the future. Let's make certain that they receive plenty of samples of wireworms from the great state of Illinois.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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