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Issue No. 6, Article 7/April 29, 2005

Interactive Web Page for Glyphosate Formulation Comparisons

We have developed a new interactive Web page to allow users to determine equivalent application rates of various glyphosate-containing products. We hope that you use the table on the page in conjunction with the "Price Comparisons for Glyphosate Products" article from issue no. 1 (March 16, 2005) of the Bulletin.

The Web page can be found at http://weeds.cropsci.uiuc.edu/glyphosate.htm. It can be viewed only with a PC and Internet Explorer. A small download from Microsoft may be required to view the table. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Web page, please contact us.--Dawn Nordby and Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager
Dawn Refsell

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