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Issue No. 1, Article 7/March 16, 2005

New Publication on the Biology and Management of Horseweed (Marestail)

Horseweed, commonly referred to as marestail, presents serious problems for no-till soybean production in several states in the Midwest, including Illinois. Glyphosate-resistant horseweed have been documented to the east and south of Illinois, yet none have been reported in Illinois. A recent collaboration among Midwest weed scientists has resulted in the development of a publication that contains timely and accurate information on herbicide resistance and the latest on the biology of this weed, along with management strategies. This publication can be viewed at http://www.ipm.uiuc.edu/weeds.html or at http://weeds.cropsci.uiuc.edu. If you would like to order this publication, please contact us for information.

--Dawn Nordby and Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager
Dawn Refsell

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