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Issue No. 25, Article 7/December 3, 2004

Effects of Plant Growth Regulator Herbicides on Soybeans

A new fact sheet that examines the effects of plant growth regulator (PGR) herbicides on soybeans has been developed by Dr. Dean Riechers and his research group at the University of Illinois. Previous research on soybean response to PGR herbicides examined the effects of exposure to only the PGR herbicide. However, if the soybeans are exposed to a PGR herbicide via residues dislodged from application equipment, they will also be exposed to the soybean herbicide being applied for weed control. It was previously unknown whether the presence of other herbicides would intensify PGR herbicide injury on soybean. This fact sheet answers this question and addresses the effects. It can be downloaded here: PGR.pdf (Adobe pdf file, 816 kb). --Dawn Nordby and Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager
Dawn Refsell

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