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Issue No. 25, Article 1/December 3, 2004

Last Issue in 2004

Another unique year is coming to an end, and already those of us involved in agriculture have been planning for 2005, which undoubtedly will be different from 2004. In the months between now and planting time, we'll all be involved in learning as much as we can about the season recently concluded. Many of us will share lessons learned during 2004 with audiences throughout the Midwest, so please accept our open invitation to attend one or more educational programs to gain additional insight.

As always, the contributing authors for the Bulletin extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our readers for your continued support, and we thank many of you for your commitment to share information with us. This may sound like a tired refrain, but your input is invaluable. So keep it coming during 2005. We appreciate being able to extend your knowledge to all of our readers.

Although this is the last printed issue of the Bulletin in 2004, keep your eyes open for updates published on our Web site before issue no. 1 of 2005 is available in March. For those of you who have subscribed to receive e-mail notification of updates, watch your inbox. We may make more use of this feature than we have in the past. For nonsubscribers, check into our Web site now and then. We will try to keep everyone apprised of developments regarding soybean rust and western corn rootworms (among other plant disease and insect topics), as well as timely topics regarding weed management, crop production, and crop protection.

On behalf of all of the authors and other contributors to the Bulletin, I thank you for your continued interest in our efforts. We look forward to further interactions in 2005. Please enjoy the coming holiday season to the hilt (I know I will). Be happy, be safe, and take care of yourselves and your families.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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