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Issue No. 24, Article 2/November 5, 2004

Corn Rootworm Management Distance Education Workshop

Over the past few years, Extension entomologists at the University of Illinois have embarked on a series of distance education programs focusing on various topics. These programs were instigated by David Feltes, Extension educator in IPM in the Quad Cities, who identified the advantages of delivering topical programs about insects and their management to multiple audiences. A soybean aphid workshop delivered via the Latitude Bridge on February 5, 2004, was the most recent program in the series. With Dave as the logistics coordinator, entomologists from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin delivered the program to about 800 people at 61 sites in the same four states. Reactions to the program were quite positive, encouraging us to continue to explore distance education programming about contemporary issues in insect management.

Working with Dave Feltes once again, we are planning to present a corn rootworm management workshop to multiple sites throughout the north-central states on February 4 and 11. So mark your calendars now. The two programs, delivered on two consecutive Fridays, will differ in content, so plan to participate in both. Entomologists who have agreed to develop and deliver the program are Mike Gray and Kevin Steffey (University of Illinois), Larry Bledsoe (Purdue University), Jon Tollefson (Iowa State University), Ken Ostlie (University of Minnesota), and Lance Meinke and Bob Wright (University of Nebraska). Although the program has not been fleshed out, the topics that will be discussed will include the following:

  • Corn rootworm situation
  • Results from efficacy trials for corn rootworm control products
  • Issues regarding performance of soil-applied insecticides and insecticidal seed treatments
  • Issues regarding YieldGard Rootworm corn (e.g., incidents of greater-than-expected rootworm larval damage in 2004, lodging issues, insect resistance management)
  • Current status of adult corn rootworm suppression programs
  • Current distribution and potential spread of variant western corn rootworm
  • Current situation with extended diapause and northern corn rootworms
  • Overview of management of corn rootworms for the Corn Belt

We are contacting people in other states to establish sites where the program will be delivered. Within a few weeks, you should see announcements about the program and locations in the participating states. This article is intended as a heads-up so you can mark your calendar. Stay tuned for substantive details.--Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray

Kevin Steffey
Mike Gray

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