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Issue No. 23, Article 9/October 8, 2004

Regional Reports

Northern Illinois

The region received about half an inch of rain on October 1, which did not slow harvest much. A killing frost occurred throughout the region on Monday evening October 4. Most areas have at least 50% of soybean acres harvested. Corn harvest varies within the region. A majority of the northwest has about 15% of corn acres harvested, while the southeast and southwest have 30% or more.

Other activities occurring over the last 2 weeks include wheat seeding and alfalfa harvest.

West-Central Illinois

A truly remarkable crop year is quickly coming to an end with an almost perfect growing season, except for well-above-normal rainfall in some areas during the month of May. Harvest has progressed rapidly because prolonged warm, dry, sunny weather has allowed it to continue with no delays. The extremely dry weather, however, has been partially blamed for several combine fires.

Very high corn and soybean yields have been reported, with yields consistently exceeding 200 and 60 bushels per acre, respectively. In some small areas, however, severely lodged corn, due to rootworm or wind damage, has been reported, which caused some harvesting problems. Several producers have already requested the 2004 evaluation of rootworm-control products and are considering different rootworm-control strategies for next year.

Tillage and fertilizer and lime applications have begun in preparation for the 2005 crop year. Nitrogen application is being delayed until soil temperature decreases.

Wheat planting has begun and will be completed soon because of the limited acreage in the region.

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