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Issue No. 24, Article 1/November 9, 2012

AGMasters Registrations Still Being Accepted

The advanced sessions for the 2012 AGMasters Conference are filling up rapidly, but a few spaces remain. The conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday, November 26 and 27, at the I Hotel and Conference Center (across the street from Assembly Hall). A general session Monday morning will be followed by 1½ days of advanced classroom-style sessions. For more information on the topics, speakers, and conference format, visit www.cropsciconferences.com.

The advanced sessions have a limited enrollment of 40, so when a given session fills up, registrants need to select an alternative. If you are just now registering, to ensure that you enroll in the sessions of most interest to you, please phone Sandy Osterbur at 800-321-1296; Sandy will work with you to optimize your schedule. If you have other questions about the conference, you also can reach Sandy by email: saosterb@illinois.edu. We believe we have an exciting program and look forward to seeing everyone later this month!--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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