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Issue No. 15, Article 8/July 13, 2012

2012 Field Day at the Orr Ag Center in Perry

The 2012 Orr Center Field Day presented by the University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences will be held on Tuesday, July 17, at the center, which is located on Route 104 four miles west of the junction of Illinois Routes 104 and 107.

Tours will start at 9:00 a.m., with the second and third groups leaving the headquarters at about 9:20 and 9:40. The tour will take about two hours, to be followed by lunch provided by U of I Extension.

Extension experts will address current conditions and management challenges in crop production and protection, including the drought situation and how it might affect crop management:

  • What does it take to get high soybean yields?--Emerson Nafziger
  • Nutrient concentration and removal in harvested corn and soybean seed--Fabián Fernández
  • Foliar disease in corn--Angie Peltier
  • Weed management challenges--Aaron Hager
  • Rootworm damage to Bt corn: Expectations for 2012 and beyond--Mike Gray

For more information call Mike Vose at 217-236-4911 or mvose@illinois.edu.

Emerson Nafziger

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