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Issue No. 20, Article 1/August 6, 2004

Follow-Up to "Insects Infesting Soybean? Or Not?"

Somewhat surprisingly to us, our article "Insects Infesting Soybean? Or Not?" in issue no. 18 (July 23, 2004) of the Bulletin generated quite a bit of press. However, I want to point out that we were not alone in our assessment. I direct your attention to an article by John Obermeyer and Larry Bledsoe, entomologists at Purdue University, for the July 9, 2004, issue of Purdue's Pest & Crop Newsletter, fully 2 weeks before we published our article. Their "Soybean Foliar Insecticides, Perhaps a Big Mistake" can be accessed on-line. Their cautions were as stern as ours. The bottom line is that when IPM principles are ignored by marketing campaigns, some of us will notice and react. Producers should not be persuaded entirely by promises of yield benefits when the targets of insecticides are not present.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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