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Issue No. 14, Article 4/July 6, 2012

Weed Science Reminders

The University of Illinois weed science field research tour was held June 20 at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, and signs denoting the applied treatments were placed in the first replication of many weed science experiments. If you could not attend the tour but would like to see how various treatments performed, the signage will remain through most of July. A few experiments are located on the main farm north of Windsor Road in Urbana, but most are on the Animal Science tract immediately south of Windsor Road. Please feel free to stop by and peruse the plots at your convenience.

Reports continue of inconsistent control of waterhemp with foliar-applied herbicides. Several reasons could explain the lack of control, including plant size, dry soil conditions, and herbicide resistance. The U of I weed science program, through funding from the Illinois Soybean Association, is providing free herbicide-resistance screening of waterhemp. Issue 9 of the Bulletin ("Free Screening for Glyphosate Resistance") gives details on collecting and submitting samples for screening. Samples will also be screened for resistance to PPO-inhibiting herbicides. Please remember to complete a submission form for each field sampled.

Be sure to register (events.SignUp4.com/RespecttheRotation2012) to attend the July 24 field research tour that will address the management of herbicide-resistant weeds. Details are available in issue 13.--Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager

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