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Issue No. 14, Article 1/July 6, 2012

July 26: Agronomy Day at the Brownstown Agronomy Research Center

The Brownstown Agronomy Research Center will host its summer Agronomy Day on Thursday, July 26. Join University of Illinois Extension specialists and researchers as they address issues pertinent to the current growing season. The program starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes with lunch at 11:30. The event is open at no charge to all who wish to attend.

Weather permitting, presentations will take place in the research plots, with shaded wagons taking participants to each stop. These topics will be addressed:

  • What Does It Take to Produce High Soybean Yields?--Emerson Nafziger
  • Optimizing Corn Planting Rates and Nitrogen Rates--Steve Ebelhar
  • Corn Foliar Disease Identification and Management--Angie Peltier
  • Nutrient Removal by Corn and Soybean--Fabián Fernández
  • Climate Change Impacts on Crop Production and Management--Dennis Bowman

The 208-acre Brownstown Agronomy Research Center has been conducting crop research since 1936. It is dedicated primarily to corn, soybean, and wheat studies on the claypan soils of southern Illinois, with more than 30 research and demonstration projects conducted every year. Visitors are always welcome.

The research center is located south of Brownstown on IL Route 185, about 4 miles east of the IL Route 40-Route 85 junction. Visit us online at web.extension.illinois.edu/barc.--Robert Bellm

Robert Bellm

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