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Issue No. 3, Article 1/April 20, 2012

Get Regional News through New Extension Websites

University of Illinois Extension's commercial agriculture extension educators, housed at the university's Agricultural Research and Demonstration Centers, bring the most current research findings to producers in each region. The four crops-focused educators are Dennis Bowman in Urbana, Russ Higgins in Shabbona, Robert Bellm in Brownstown, and Angie Peltier in Monmouth.

Each educator has recently launched a website that features, among other elements, a blog communicating the center's research and discussing factors that may influence the region's crop production. We invite you to visit the new sites to discover what they have to offer.--Angie Peltier

Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center--Monmouth; Angie Peltier
Hill and Furrow blog

Brownstown Agronomy Research Center--Brownstown; Robert Bellm
A Southern View blog

Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center--Shabbona; Russ Higgins
The North 160 Acres blog

Crop Sciences Research and Education Center--Urbana; N. Dennis Bowman
Straight Stalk blog

Angie Peltier

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