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Issue No. 2, Article 5/April 6, 2012

Stripe Rust of Wheat Moving Northward

Stripe rust of wheat (caused by Puccinia striiformis) has been creeping northward this spring; it has been most recently reported in southeastern Missouri and Arkansas. I am not aware of any reports of stripe rust in Illinois, but because of our proximity to the reports from Missouri, some occurrences in southern Illinois would not be a surprise.

Symptoms and signs of stripe rust of wheat.

Symptoms and signs of stripe rust appear as orange-colored pustules that cluster together in long, narrow bands (stripes) on the leaves. Infections by the stripe rust fungus can occur when leaves are wet and when temperatures are between 32° and 77°F. If the weather continues to be warm and dry, the threat of stripe rust is minimized. Scouting wheat fields for this disease is important, and most foliar fungicides available will provide adequate protection against infections by the stripe rust fungus.--Carl A. Bradley

Carl A. Bradley

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