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Issue No. 1, Article 7/March 22, 2012

Illinois Agronomy Handbook Now Online

The Illinois Agronomy Handbook has for decades been a major source of agronomic information in Illinois and throughout the Corn Belt. First produced in the 1970s, the early versions were updated annually, then in alternate years. There were 22 revisions, ending with the 2001-2002 edition.

As current results and information started to be published online, the need for frequent printed revisions declined. The 23rd edition, published in 2002, was in use for seven years, during which time an online version was developed, including some calculators.

In 2008 we decided to do another revision, this one more thorough than the predecessors. The result was the 24th edition, published in mid-2009. After its publication, we took down the web-based 23rd edition, in part due to security issues and in part because the newest edition was so completely revised some sections that the old version was no longer a best source of information.

The 24th edition has enjoyed good sales and is in wide use. But without special funding and with the need to sell printed copies to recoup the investment in the handbook, we have not had a version available online. Now, thanks to a recent agreement among the parties involved, we’re pleased to announce that the Illinois Agronomy Handbook is available online at extension.cropsci.illinois.edu/handbook. We hope to get some of the calculators revamped and running in the near future.

Chapters can be viewed and downloaded from the website. While we expect that this may be the last time the handbook is published as a book on paper, we think that individual authors will now be able to revise chapters as needed. We also anticipate that the chapters may form the framework on which we can add other information and links as they are developed. A limited supply of the remaining printed copies is available for purchase at www.PubsPlus.illinois.edu.--Emerson Nafziger

Emerson Nafziger

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