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Issue No. 25, Article 1/December 9, 2011

Final Issue of the Bulletin for 2011

A phrase often used in sports--"Another season is in the books"--seems an appropriate way to begin this final 2011 issue of the Bulletin. The growing season held its share of interesting developments, including a few surprises, and through them all authors for the Bulletin continued their commitment to bring our readers the most current information and recommendations to optimize crop production and pest management. We can only speculate about what might unfold during the 2012 growing season, but you can be confident that the Bulletin will keep you informed about developments and discoveries that could impact crop production and protection. We are considering a few changes in the format and delivery of the Bulletin in 2012, but our commitment to our readers will remain unchanged.

You might have noticed a few contributing authors whose names were new to the Bulletin this year, including University of Illinois commercial agriculture extension educators Dennis Bowman, Robert Bellm, Russ Higgins, and Angie Peltier. We very much look forward to the contributions these individuals will make to the Bulletin in coming years. You also may have noticed a couple of names "missing in action" this year. Dr. Vince Davis joined the University of Wisconsin as an extension weed scientist, while Dr. Terry Niblack became chair of the Department of Plant Pathology at Ohio State University. I thank Vince and Terry for their many years of dedicated service to Illinois agriculture, their collegiality, and their friendship.

On behalf of all the authors who contribute to the Bulletin this year, I thank you for your continued suggestions, feedback, and interest in the newsletter. Please enjoy the upcoming holiday season with family and friends, and I wish each of you a safe and prosperous 2012.--Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager

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