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Issue No. 18, Article 3/August 5, 2011

Cooperators Needed for Corn Leaf Aphid Experiment

Researchers in the Department of Crop Sciences, along with colleagues at major land-grant universities, are conducting trials to reinvestigate and potentially update the thresholds for corn leaf aphid control. Current thresholds are related to protecting the corn plant during pollination: a treatment is warranted if 50 percent of the plants have more than 100 aphids per plant and plants are under drought stress. Control is also warranted if 3% or more of the plants have their tassels and upper leaves heavily infested, plants are under moisture stress, and the population is increasing.

Heavy infestation of corn leaf aphids.

We are looking for growers/cooperators to work with us on this project, and we would like to hear from you if you have corn leaf aphid infestations in your fields. The only requirement for participation is to provide a 300 x 300 foot area in your field. Please contact Ron Estes (restes@illinois.edu) or Nick Tinsley (tinsley@illinois.edu) for details.--Ron Estes

Ron Estes

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