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Issue No. 12, Article 6/June 24, 2011

Soybean Aphids Found in North-Central Region at Low Levels

On June 20, Dave Voegtlin, retired as an entomologist from the Illinois Natural History Survey and coordinator of a network of suction traps in the north-central region, reported the first soybean aphid captures of the year for the week ending June 19. Aphids were captured in 4 traps (3 in Michigan, 1 in Wisconsin). In a teleconference among north-central extension entomologists on June 20, low numbers of aphids on soybean plants were confirmed for Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. On June 17, Ron Estes, senior research specialist, Department of Crop Sciences, surveyed soybean aphids at the DeKalb Research and Education Center near Shabbona. He examined approximately 300 plants in 5 different fields and could not locate any aphids. On the same day Ron scouted for aphids in a soybean field used for research in Whiteside County. Again, he found no aphids.

The heavy rains throughout much of northern Illinois the past few weeks may be contributing to the lack of aphids found so far. It's premature to say with any certainty how the soybean aphid story for 2011 will unfold in Illinois-certainly it is far too early to ignore this insect pest. If you're finding aphids on soybean plants, I look forward to learning about your observations.--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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