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Issue No. 12, Article 4/June 24, 2011

Mark Your Calendar for the Next AGMasters Conference

It's not too early to make a note of the 3rd annual AGMasters Conference, to be held December 5 and 6 at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign (across the street from Assembly Hall). A half-day general session will be followed by 12 specialized sessions over the remaining day and a half. Speakers will include agronomists, entomologists, plant pathologists, and weed scientists from the University of Illinois as well as other universities and organizations throughout the nation.

The co-chairs for this year's conference are Dennis Bowman, Carl Bradley, Aaron Hager, Sandy Osterbur, and me. As specifics about the program become defined throughout the year, we will share them with readers of the Bulletin.

If you have suggestions for speakers or topics, please share them with any of the co-chairs. We welcome your input! The feedback we received after last year's conference was very positive. The AGMasters conference offers an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and engage speakers in a workshop setting. For now, we hope you'll save the date.--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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