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Issue No. 7, Article 3/May 20, 2011

Black Cutworm Scouting Should Be Underway in Central and Southern Illinois

Corn producers in southern and central Illinois counties should be scouting their emerging corn seedlings for any signs of leaf feeding and cutting by black cutworms. Flights of black cutworm moths the first two weeks of April could result in cutting-stage larvae in these areas of the state. For more information on scouting and management procedures, see this black cutworm fact sheet.

To view black cutworm moth capture data for specific sites around the state, consult the Pest Monitoring Site. By viewing capture data and finding the date for any intense flight (9 or more moths caught over a 1- to 2-day period), you can enter the date into a calculator and project when cutting may begin in your area of the state. Because of this spring's delayed planting, abundant winter annual weed populations, and some intense flights of black cutworm moths, producers should be very vigilant in their scouting efforts for this insect.--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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