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Issue No. 2, Article 8/April 8, 2011

on Target: Online Results of University of Illinois Insect Management Trials

Since the mid-1980s, the University of Illinois Insect Management and Insecticide Evaluation Program has provided Illinois producers with accurate and unbiased evaluations of insect control products and strategies for managing insect pests. The program, which began under the direction of Dr. Kevin Steffey, has gone through many changes in the past three decades, both in personnel and in types of insect control products we evaluate. Currently the program is managed by me along with Dr. Mike Gray and Nicholas Tinsley. Over the years we have conducted numerous trials investigating management tactics for insect pests in field corn, sweet corn, soybean, and alfalfa. Every year, we summarize the data from these trials in an annual report.

Since 2004, we have also published the results at our "on Target" website. The site provides results from trials that we have just completed, along with summaries dating back to 2004. Click on "About Us" to find contact information for the program's faculty, academic staff, and graduate research assistants. Recently we added a "Feedback" link so you can share comments or suggestions about the research program and the trials we conduct.

If you have a question about a management strategy or have an insect pest in one of your fields and would be willing to work with us in conducting a research trial on your farm, we would love to hear from you. The main goal of our efforts is to help growers make the best-informed insect management decisions they can.--Ron Estes

Ron Estes

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