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Issue No. 15, Article 6/July 2, 2004

Wheat Scab and Testing for Mycotoxins

Scab (Fusarium head blight) has been a problem faced by many wheat producers in Illinois this spring, with the major problem occurring in the northern half of Illinois. Not only does this disease reduce yields, the Fusarium pathogen that causes this disease also can produce the mycotoxin called dexoynivalenol (DON, vomitoxin) in grain and reduce the value of wheat. This disease has been discussed in two previous 2004 editions of the Bulletin (issues no. 5 and 11, April 23 and June 4, 2004). Questions have come up recently on tolerance levels and testing for the mycotoxin DON (vomitoxin) in grain samples.

The information in Table 3 on guidelines and advisory levels for DON (vomitoxin) was taken from the Web site "Moldy Grains, Mycotoxins, and Feeding Problems". Please see this site for additional information on DON (vomitoxin) and other mycotoxins in wheat, corn, and other grains.

Grain samples can be tested for DON (vomitoxin) at the two laboratories in Illinois. They prefer sample sizes of about 1 pound, although they may be able to do the testing with smaller samples. The fee for individual DON (vomitoxin) analysis and quantitation is about $25 to $30 as of June 2004. Please contact a testing laboratory for details on sample submission and fees.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
University of Illinois
P.O. Box U
2001 South Lincoln Avenue
Urbana, IL 61802-6199


Centralia Animal Disease Laboratory
Illinois Department of Agriculture
9732 Shattuc Road
Centralia, IL 62801-5858

--Dean Malvick

Dean Malvick

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