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Issue No. 12, Article 3/June 25, 2010

The Pest Monitoring Network: Your Newest Link to What's Going On in Illinois Fields

Looking for the latest news on insect trap counts in Illinois? Check out the newest addition to the IPM website--The Pest Monitoring Network (pmn.ipm.illinois.edu). Some of you will remember the network of years past, which included trap counts for black cutworm, corn earworm, and European corn borer. The trapping program has been revitalized with funding made available through a University of Illinois Extension Integrated Pest Management grant and a network of extension cooperators and volunteers.

The new site will give trapping information for the insects already mentioned and adds Japanese beetle, fall armyworm, southwestern corn borer, and western bean cutworm. We aim to publish up-to-date trap counts as well as short notes letting you know when something of significance is occurring in the field. These pest alerts can then be shared in a variety of ways, including e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook.

Western bean cutworm trap. (Photo courtesy of Jim Morrison.)

Soon to come to the new network will be information on field crop diseases and nematode survey results.

The trapping season is getting off to a slow start, but start looking for more activity under the "Insect Monitoring" tab on the network home page. If you are interesting in adding your trap counts to the network, please e-mail me at kcook8@illinois.edu. And if you have any comments or questions, please let us know!--Kelly Estes, Illinois Natural History Survey

Kelly Estes

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