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Issue No. 25, Article 7/December 4, 2009

Regional Reports

Northern Illinois

Corn harvest progress is 70% to 80% complete throughout the region. Most corn moisture percentages have been running from the mid-20s to 30 with low test weights the last few weeks. Corn yields have ranged from 170 to over 200 bushels per acre. Soybean harvest for all practical purposes is complete. Yields were variable due to widespread white mold disease and sudden death syndrome.

Other activities the last few weeks include dry fertilizer application, anhydrous ammonia application, and chisel-plowing corn stalks.

Just a reminder that the Northern Illinois Crop Management Conference will be held February 17 and 18 at the Kishwaukee College Convention Center in Malta. A full agenda will be sent to CCAs in the near future. For more information contact Greg Clark, Whiteside County Extension Unit, 815-772-4075, gmclark@illinois.edu.

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