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Issue No. 25, Article 1/December 4, 2009

Last Issue in 2009

This is the last issue for the Bulletin in 2009. I wish we were celebrating the close to the 2009 crop season, but I know that some farmers are still struggling to finish harvest. This year will certainly have a stronghold on the memories for farming under difficult conditions for some time to come--we hope! Fortunately, we can now start to focus on the 2010 cropping season and hope for better conditions next year.

As we complete the Bulletin for 2009, all of the extension specialists involved thank you for your support. We hope you found the information provided throughout the year relevant and helpful to your operations, whether immediately so or as a foundation for future decisions. We hope to see many of you at various meetings this winter, and we look forward to those interactions. Remember that we're always open to suggestions for improving the Bulletin to stay in tune with your needs and operations. Feel free to email me any time with suggestions or comments at davisv@illinois.edu.

Between now and the first issue of 2010, I hope you enjoy the holidays and have some fun after the not-so-fun harvest season. I look forward to meeting many of you for the first time at various winter meetings. Best regards.--Vince M. Davis

Vince Davis

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