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Issue No. 22, Article 10/September 4, 2009

Registration Information for the 2009 AGMasters Conference

Registration for the 2009 AGMasters Conference can begin! On behalf of the Program Planning Committee and the Co-Chairs, it is our pleasure to enthusiastically encourage you to take part in this inaugural event. As many of you know, this year’s conference represents a significant transition from a rich history of conferences conducted over a 60 year-span to a new era. Those conferences included the Custom Spray Operators’ Training School, Illinois Agricultural Pesticides Conference, and the Crop Protection Technology Conference. The planners of this conference have strived to bring to all participants the latest and most timely information in the crop production and protection arenas by featuring noted speakers who are well respected in their fields of scholarship. The first day of this conference will utilize a general session format designed to capture everyone’s interest and stimulate discussion. The second day (advanced session) will have a limited enrollment (120 total openings) and will feature instructors in a classroom setting going over the latest scientific literature in specific biological and agricultural fields of study. We know that many members within the agricultural community are increasingly demanding the most sophisticated information, of high relevance, we can offer--it is our intention to deliver on this request. Don't delay your registration--particularly for the advanced session (first come--first serve).

To register for this conference, please go the following link. Thanks in advance for your participation in this conference.



Carl Bradley, Vince Davis, Aaron Hager, Mike Gray, and Sandy Osterbur, Co-Chairs, AGMasters Conference

Mike Gray
Aaron Hager
Carl A. Bradley
Vince Davis
Sandy Osterbur

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