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Issue No. 18, Article 1/July 24, 2009

Thanks for the Input

I wanted to thank all of the Bulletin readers who took the time to respond to my article (issue 15) on "Changing Communication Methods in Agriculture." Many long-time readers offered excellent insights on the importance of changing with the times while continuing to provide the tools and services that are still effective. Impressively, these comments came from growers, agronomists, managers, agribusiness owners, extension personnel from other states, and other states' newsletter editors. The comments represented several angles of thought, were well articulated, and were generally just excellent comments and ideas. If you didn't respond but would like to, it is never too late to send me your thoughts on ways to improve our extension services (davisv@illinois.edu). I know we will continually adapt in providing valuable and timely crop development and pest scouting information as we move into the future. Some new methods of communication are in development for my soybean production systems program, and I will let you know about these soon. Stay tuned!--Vince M. Davis

Vince Davis

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