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Issue No. 11, Article 4/June 4, 2004

Soybean Aphids Found on Common Buckthorn in Columbia, Missouri

David Voegtlin, with the Center for Ecological Entomology of the Illinois Natural History Survey, has confirmed that soybean aphids have been found (beginning the third week of May) on common buckthorn in Columbia, Missouri. The aphids were sent to David by Ben Puttler, a professor of entomology at the University of Missouri. The aphids were collected from small buckthorn plants (suckers) beneath the canopy of larger buckthorn growth on the campus of the University of Missouri. The buckthorn plants were located about 1/2 to 1 mile from soybean experimental plots and 3 to 5 miles from commercial soybean fields. David indicated that he believes this is the first confirmation of soybean aphids found on buckthorn this spring. In the coming weeks, additional reports on soybean aphids are sure to follow.--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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