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Issue No. 2, Article 3/April 3, 2009

New Report Published on the Value of Insecticides in U.S. Crop Production

A report on the value of insecticides to U.S. crop production, authored by Leonard P. Gianessi, was recently published by the CropLife Foundation, Washington, DC. Funding for the research was provided by CropLife America and 17 member companies, including the United Soybean Board. Key findings presented in the executive summary include the following:

"Each year, approximately 45 million acres of U.S. crops are treated with insecticides."

"These insecticides, applied to prevent crop loss to insects, cost farmers a total of $1.2 billion per year. If left untreated, 31 of the 50 surveyed crops would suffer nationwide production losses of 40% or greater. Seven of the crops would suffer nationwide production losses over 70%."

"Growers in California benefit the most from the use of insecticides ($7.5 billion/year), followed by Washington and Florida ($2.8 and $2.5 billion/year, respectively)."

For Illinois, this insecticide benefit was estimated at $447 million for 2008.

"For every dollar spent on insecticides, U.S. growers gain $19 in increased production value."

For a complete review of the report, please go the following website, which includes a link to the executive summary.--Mike Gray

Mike Gray

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