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Issue No. 1, Article 1/March 19, 2009

First Issue for 2009

The recent warm weather in most areas of Illinois foretells the beginning of our crop growing season, which typically initiates our newsletter season, too. This first issue of the Bulletin will set the stage, we'll take a one-week breather, and then begin our weekly issues during the week of March 30. By then, we'll all be ready to keep our fingers on the pulses of crop and pest management issues and do the best we can to provide the most current information available. We'll drop in some editorials on occasion, just to keep the conversation lively.

If you are a return reader, welcome back. If you are a new reader, we hope you find the information presented in the Bulletin helpful, informative, and occasionally provocative. I encourage "newbies" to subscribe to receive an email notification whenever a new issue of the Bulletin is online. Click the sign-up button and fill out the form, and you'll be informed every time a new issue is posted or we issue an "Alert." It's easy ... and free.

As always, I encourage you to contact any of the authors to offer reports from the field or simply to provide your opinions about issues discussed in articles. Your input is welcome and greatly appreciated by all of us.

We hope that you rely on the Bulletin as an objective source of information and an important educational resource. On behalf of everyone involved with this enterprise, I thank you for your continuing support of our efforts.--Kevin Steffey

Kevin Steffey

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