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Issue No. 24, Article 1/November 7, 2008

More Details about the 2009 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to announce the program details of the 2009 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics. Our next series of meetings will mark the 12th iteration of the Classics, continuing the tradition of providing our clientele with the most current and timely information related to crop production and pest management. All those involved with program planning and delivery have worked hard and diligently to ensure that the 2009 Classics continue to meet our clients' needs. The program, with a format that emphasizes crop production, pest management, economics, and the interactions among them, will begin at 9:00 and conclude by 3:30. Market updates will be provided throughout the day, and communication between speakers and participants is encouraged. Question-and-answer sessions are scheduled for both morning and afternoon. Lunch and a proceedings booklet with synopses of all presentations are provided to each registrant.

There are six 2009 Corn & Soybean Classics:

  • January 6 (Tuesday): Mt. Vernon, Holiday Inn
  • January 7 (Wednesday): Champaign, I Hotel and Conference Center
  • January 12 (Monday): Bloomington, Interstate Center
  • January 13 (Tuesday): Springfield, Crowne Plaza
  • January 14 (Wednesday): Moline, i wireless Center
  • January 15 (Thursday): Malta, Kishwaukee College

The following list of speakers and topics applies to all the Classics, though individual schedules may require variations in the order of speakers:

--Carl Bradley, Managing Corn and Soybean Diseases with Fungicides
--Gary Schnitkey, Rotation Decisions in a Turbulent Price and Cost Environment
---Terry Niblack, Things Are Changing Again in Corn and Soybean Nematode Management
--Fabián Fernádez, Managing Expensive Nitrogen to Maximize Profitability
--Emerson Nafziger, Seed Costs and Corn Plant Populations
--Darrel Good, What Acreage Shifts Are Needed in 2009?
--Mike Gray, Maintaining Bt Durability with Cry Protein Stacks and Landscape/Seed Mixture Refuge: Is This Enough?
--Aaron Hager, Turn Out the Lights: The Party is Over
--Kevin Steffey, "New Age" Soybean Insect Management

Registration for the Classics can be accomplished several ways:

  • Online with a credit card at www.ipm.uiuc.edu/conferences/csc
  • By mail--send a completed registration form and payment to Department of Crop Sciences, Attention: Sandy Osterbur, University of Illinois, AW-101 Turner Hall, 1102 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 (make check payable to University of Illinois).
  • By fax---fax a completed registration form to 217-333-5299 (available 24 hours a day) and mail a check to the address above.
  • By phone--call toll-free, 800-321-1296, and pay with a credit card.

Preregistrations cost $50 and are accepted through December 20. Registrations received after December 21 or on-site are $65.

If you need additional information or have questions about the program, please feel free to contact me.--Aaron Hager

Aaron Hager

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