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Issue No. 22, Article 8/September 5, 2008

Regional Reports

Northern Illinois

Rainfall throughout the northern region was limited for the month of August. Lack of soil moisture is not critical, but precipitation would be beneficial for pastures and soybeans. Some beef producers have been feeding hay due to the lack of pasture forage. Some soybeans and corn have begun to turn color, but overall the percentage is small in the northern region.

Numerous soybean fields were sprayed for soybean aphids in the last two weeks of August. Presently, soybean aphid populations are highly variable in untreated fields, with some populations dropping from last week. However, many fields are at the R6 (full seed) growth stage. Several soybean rust sentinel plots were insecticide-treated for soybean aphids, and prior to treatment few Asian lady beetles and other aphid predators were observed compared to past seasons.

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