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Replanting Dicamba Soybean

Replanting soybean fields or areas of fields likely will occur after soybean stand loss to recent cold temperatures or saturated soil conditions.  The following are general reminders about dicamba application timings and restrictions for Illinois soybean.… Read more

Frost/freeze damage report: will plants recover?

Temperatures over most of Illinois dropped to the upper 20s or low 30s on Saturday morning, May 9. This resulted in damage or even death to emerged and emerging corn and soybeans. The extent of damage was closely tied to when fields were planted.… Read more

Residual Soybean Herbicides Applied Postemergence

Soil-residual herbicides are important components of integrated weed management programs.  Reducing the number of weeds exposed to foliar-applied herbicides helps reduce the selection intensity for weeds resistant to foliar-applied herbicides.  Residual herbicides applied with postemergence soybean herbicides also can reduce the need for a second postemergence application. … Read more

Replanting corn and soybeans

Both corn and soybean planting progressed at about normal speed into May, with 56 percent of the Illinois corn crop and 31 percent of the Illinois soybean crop planted by May 3. Unfortunately, the period of warmer, drier weather we have been hoping for has not yet materialized.… Read more

Wheat disease updates in Illinois

Wheat development in most in Southern Illinois fields is between Feekes growth stage (FGS) 9-10.5.1. Wheat in the central portion of the stage varies from FGS 6-9.

Stripe rust was detected in Eastern Madison County as of 5.5.20, and conditions are favorable for disease development and spread. … Read more

FHB update for Illinois Wheat- 4.28

Follow this link to read our recent article on wheat Fusarium head blight risk in Illinois as of 4.28.


-Dr K… Read more

New post on managing poor quality soybean seed

That’s right, we have a new post on the Illinois Field crop Disease Hub!  The topic today- considerations for planting poor quality soybean seed.  click here to access the link! Read more

A Review of Early-Season Weeds

Ample soil moisture and warming temperatures are promoting rapid growth and development of many early-season weed species.  Most weeds currently growing in fields emerged last fall and successfully overwintered (winter annuals, biennials or perennials), but several early-season summer annual species recently have emerged. … Read more

Wheat fungicide efficacy table available

I have posted the wheat fungicide efficacy table for Illinois, as many will be making decisions soon.  Click here to view the post on the Illinois Field Crop Disease Hub.  Eventually I will not repost links from this site to the Bulletin, so make sure you sign up on that page for email updates! … Read more

article on early season wheat diseases

We just published a new article on early season wheat diseases.  Access it by clicking here.  Read more