Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by Kelly Estes

Black Cutworm Moth Flight Beginning

Soil temperatures and field activity are increasing along with moth migration from the south. Insect traps (figure 1) are out around the state and we’ve been capturing both true armyworm and black cutworm moths for over a week. In fact, we recently had our first significant black cutworm moth flights recorded in Montgomery and Champaign counties (figure 2).  We expect activity to increase with both of these insects over the coming weeks. As both corn and soybean planting progress, we encourage growers to scout emerging fields for the present of insect injury.

Figure 1. Black cutworm and true armyworm traps, Champaign county.

For more complete information about the biology, life cycle, and management of black cutworms, a fact sheet is available from the Department of Crop Sciences, UIUC. Provided below is a brief overview of some key life cycle and management facts concerning black cutworms.


Continue to look for insect updates and weekly trap counts here in the Bulletin along with updates via Facebook and Twitter.


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