Posted on Apr 6, 2015 by Michael Gray

Newly Published Report Confirms Extensive Use of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Field Crops

On March 20, 2015, an article published in Environmental Science and Technology confirmed the extensive use of neonicotinoids as insecticidal seed treatments in a wide variety of field crops across the United States. The authors of the article Margaret R. Douglas and John F. Tooker are scientists with the Department of Entomology at The Pennsylvania State University.

Provided below are some direct quotes from their journal article concerning neonicotinoid seed treatments (NSTs):

The widespread insurance-based approach to the use of NSTs is likely to persist in corn and escalate in soybean production due to (as the authors of the current journal article point out) — “current incentives and disincentives for farmers and seed suppliers.” As a result, concerns will linger regarding secondary-insect resistance development and potential negative environmental consequences.

Mike Gray

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