Agricultural Pesticide Use Trends and National Interactive Maps Available, 1992 to 2009

Just recently, the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, United States Geological Survey, released information on the use of agricultural pesticides (459 pesticides) for the period of 1992 to 2009. Provided below are links that can be used to access maps that show pesticide use, methodologies to determine their use, and county level information.

Annual Agricultural Pesticide Use Maps, 1992 to 2009

Methods Used to Estimate Agricultural Pesticide Usage

Agricultural Pesticide Use by County

Data for the primary corn rootworm insecticides (tefluthrin – Force, terbufos – Counter, tebupirimphos – Aztec, chlorethoxyfos – Fortress, chlorpyrifos – Lorsban) tend to show reductions in their use after the commercialization of Bt hybrids in 2003. Data are available only through 2009. In recent years, this pattern of reduction in soil insecticide use has been reversed due to increased concern on the part of producers regarding Bt resistance and higher commodity prices that have fueled an insurance-based pest management mindset.

Mike Gray