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Remain Vigilant for Palmer Amaranth

Accurate identification of weedy Amaranthus species during early vegetative stages can be difficult.  However, identification of the various species becomes much more reliable when reproductive structures are present (Figure 1).

Before harvest begins, consider taking a few minutes to scout fields; at this time of year it is much easier to differentiate between Palmer amaranth (Figure 2) and waterhemp plants (Figure 3).… Read more

Dates and Locations for the 2015 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics

The dates and locations for the January 2015 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics are set.  Our next series of meetings marks the 18th year of the Classics and will continue the program’s tradition of providing our clientele with the most current and timely information related to crop production, marketing and pest management.… Read more

ALERT: Fall Armyworms May Reach Damaging Levels in Pastures Across Southern Illinois

Doug Johnson, University of Kentucky Extension Entomologist, has received reports of large densities of fall armyworms in pastures from central Kentucky to the Mississippi River. These infestations follow some large flights of these moths as reported recently by Professor Johnson.… Read more

Destructive diseases of soybean – sudden death syndrome and white mold – observed in the state

Signs and symptoms of a few soybean diseases have begun to show up in the last few weeks in some areas of the state.  Two of these diseases, sudden death syndrome (SDS) and Sclerotinia stem rot (a.k.a.… Read more

Preliminary Corn Rootworm Injury Evaluation Results from Illinois’ Trials, 2014

In late July, the annual University of Illinois root “digs” and corn rootworm product evaluation trials were completed. Each experiment was established on plots that had been planted to a trap crop (late-planted corn interplanted with pumpkins) in 2013.… Read more

2014 Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day

2014 Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day

The University of Illinois Extension will host its annual Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 9 a.m.  The Ewing Demonstration Center at is located at 16132 N.… Read more

Did We Miss the Boat on Corn Plant Population in 2014?

One of the speakers at the UI Agronomy Day at Urbana this past week was quoted as saying that corn producers had not planted enough plants this year to take advantage of the good growing conditions.… Read more

A Good Crop Takes Shape

The “walls” of dark green corn as the crop begins its push to fill grain and make yield is always an inspiring sight, and the 2014 crop is the best I’ve seen at stage of development.… Read more

Rotation Resistant and Rotation Susceptible Western Corn Rootworms React Similarly to Bt Corn

A journal article published recently (July 2014) confirms that rotation resistant and rotation susceptible western corn rootworms are affected by Bt root tissue in a similar fashion. The citation for this article is provided below.

Tinsley, N.A., J.L.… Read more

A Quiet Season on the Insect Front Continues in the Midst of Rootworm “Digs”

From a field crop entomology perspective, this summer remains exceptionally quiet across most areas of Illinois. Japanese beetle and soybean aphid densities have remained very low, seemingly near absent in many fields. With 82% of the corn silking process completed statewide by July 20 and  soil moisture plentiful in most areas, the threat of insects negatively affecting the pollination process have largely diminished.… Read more