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Western Corn Rootworm Densities Far Below Average in Illinois Corn and Soybean Fields

As part of a USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) sponsored grant, surveys of insect pests were conducted in randomly selected corn and soybean fields across 28 counties throughout Illinois this summer. Fields were sampled during two discrete periods: July 27 – July 31 and August 12 – August 24.… Read more

Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day – September 10th

The University of Illinois Extension will host its annual Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.  The Ewing Demonstration Center is located in southern Illinois about 20 miles south of Mt.… Read more

The End of an Era

In early 1998, Extension specialists in the Department of Crop Sciences (Drs. Kevin Steffey, Mike Gray, Bob Hoeft, and Emerson Nafziger) launched a new educational program dubbed the Corn & Soybean Classic. The program consisted of a series of regional meetings at which extension specialists shared with those in attendance the most current and relevant information related to crop production, pest management, and farm economics.… Read more

2015 Dixon Springs Ag Center Field Day

The 2015 Dixon Springs Agronomy and Horticulture Field Day presented by the University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences will be held on Thursday, August 6 at the Dixon Springs Ag Center.

The research center is located on IL Route 145, near Glendale, IL, 25 miles south of Harrisburg and 25 miles north of Paducah, KY.… Read more

Got Crazy Top?

Crazy top, named for the odd formations of the leaves or tassel due to hormonal effects of the disease, is typically found on corn plants that were submerged for a few days early in the growing season.… Read more

Symptoms of Sudden Death Syndrome Begin to Appear in Soybeans

Last week, symptoms of sudden death syndrome (SDS) began to appear in April 15-planted soybeans at the University of Illinois’ Northwestern Research Center in Warren County. Weather during the 2015 growing season has been favorable for the development of SDS: cool, moist soils after planting and frequent rains ever since.… Read more

Brownstown Agronomy Research Center Field Day – August 5, 2015

The 2015 Brownstown Agronomy Research Center Field Day, presented by the University Of Illinois Department Of Crop Sciences, will be held on Wednesday, August 5. Extension researchers and specialists will address issues pertinent to the current growing season.… Read more

Join us in Monmouth on Tuesday, July 28 for the Northwestern Agricultural R&D Center Field Day

The program will begin promptly at 8 am at the Center which is located 1 mile North and 4 miles West of Monmouth at 321 210th Avenue (click here for directions).

Participants will board buses to tour portions of the farm, stopping along the way to visit with University of Illinois personnel who will present results of the most current crop, pest, disease, nitrogen and weed management research.… Read more

Does Corn Still Need Rescuing?

The 2015 Illinois corn crop continues to develop on schedule, with 75% of the crop having reached silking by July 19. But the crop condition rating continues its steady downward trend, with the good + excellent percentage now at 55%, down from its high of 79% at the end of May.… Read more

2015 Field Day July 22 at Orr Ag Center, Perry

The 2015 Orr Center Field Day presented by the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois will be held on Wednesday, July 22 at the Orr Center, which is located on Route 104 four miles west of the junction of Illinois Routes 104 and 107.… Read more