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A Good Crop Takes Shape

The “walls” of dark green corn as the crop begins its push to fill grain and make yield is always an inspiring sight, and the 2014 crop is the best I’ve seen at stage of development.… Read more

Rotation Resistant and Rotation Susceptible Western Corn Rootworms React Similarly to Bt Corn

A journal article published recently (July 2014) confirms that rotation resistant and rotation susceptible western corn rootworms are affected by Bt root tissue in a similar fashion. The citation for this article is provided below.

Tinsley, N.A., J.L.… Read more

A Quiet Season on the Insect Front Continues in the Midst of Rootworm “Digs”

From a field crop entomology perspective, this summer remains exceptionally quiet across most areas of Illinois. Japanese beetle and soybean aphid densities have remained very low, seemingly near absent in many fields. With 82% of the corn silking process completed statewide by July 20 and  soil moisture plentiful in most areas, the threat of insects negatively affecting the pollination process have largely diminished.… Read more

2014 Field Day August 7 at Dixon Springs Ag Center

The 2014 Dixon Springs Agronomy and Horticulture Field Day presented by the University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences will be held on Thursday, August 7 at the Dixon Springs Ag Center.  The research center is located on IL Route 145, near Glendale, IL, 25 miles south of Harrisburg and 25 miles north of Paducah, KY.… Read more

Reminder of the Palmer amaranth Field Research Tour

The weed science program at the University of Illinois would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the Palmer amaranth field research tour scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on July 30.  The tour will feature presentations about Palmer amaranth identification, biology, and management and provide participants the opportunity to view several field experiments conducted by the University of Illinois and scientists from Bayer CropScience.  Advanced registration can be accomplished by visiting  Everyone is welcome and there is no fee to attend this tour.  Credits for certified crop advisers will be available.  Additional information and directions to the field research location can be viewed at: more

Brownstown Agronomy Research Center Field Day – August 6

The 2014 Brownstown Agronomy Research Center Field Day, presented by the University Of Illinois Department Of Crop Sciences, will be held on Wednesday, August 6. Extension researchers and specialists will address issues pertinent to the current growing season.… Read more

Bringing 2014 Crop Management Conference Presentations to Your Desktop

Each year the University of Illinois Extension’s Crop Management Conference series brings 13 hours of training to farmers, Certified Crop Advisors and other professionals working in agriculture. Extension personnel captured the audio from four different presentation during the 2014 Crop Management Conferences.… Read more

2014 Field Day July 16 at Orr Ag Center, Perry

The 2014 Orr Agricultural Center Field Day presented by the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois will be held on Wednesday, July 16 at the Orr Center, which is located roughly halfway between Jacksonville and Quincy on Route 104, four miles west of the junction of Illinois Routes 104 and 107.… Read more

Fomesafen Rotational Crop Intervals

Nearly all herbicide labels (soil-applied or postemergence) have rotational crop intervals that specify the amount of time that must elapse between herbicide application and planting a rotational crop.  Adhering to these intervals is always important, but becomes particularly important with late-season herbicide applications or when soil moisture is limited.  These intervals are established to reduce the likelihood that herbicide residues will persist in sufficient quantities to adversely affect the rotational crop.  Some herbicide rotational restrictions are based solely on time, while other factors, such as soil pH and the amount of precipitation received after herbicide application, can influence the length of the crop rotational intervals.… Read more

Palmer amaranth Field Research Tour July 30

The University of Illinois weed science program would like to extend an open invitation to join us on July 30, 2014 for a field tour and discussions at our Palmer amaranth research site, located approximately ½ mile east of the intersection of county roads 14000 west and 3000 north (see Google map following this article) near the community of Union Hill.  The tour will provide an excellent opportunity for farmers, input suppliers, members of the media, etc.… Read more