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Identification of Palmer amaranth in Illinois

Palmer amaranth continued to expand its presence in Illinois during 2014. Palmer amaranth populations have been confirmed in counties colored orange or blue in Figure 1; orange designates glyphosate-resistant populations are present in these counties. It should be neither construed nor assumed that Palmer amaranth populations occur only in the counties colored on this map.… Read more

Black Cutworm Damage Reported in Northern Illinois

In a recent Bulletin article, I shared an observation of black cutworm damage in southern Illinois. Just recently (May 20), James Kennedy, Advanced Crop Care, Inc., found black cutworms were at work in northern Illinois as well.… Read more

Plant Clinic Screening Waterhemp for Herbicide Resistance this Season

New testing for 2015: U of I Plant Clinic is offering molecular screening of waterhemp populations for resistance to glyphosate and PPO inhibitor herbicides this growing season. Protocols developed by University of Illinois Weed Scientist Dr.… Read more

2015 Field Day Events in Illinois

Fields days organized by Crop Sciences and Extension at the University of Illinois and by other institutions will focus on crops and pests, with speakers talking about current crop issues along with information from previous research.… Read more

Cutworm Activity Reported in Southern Illinois: Scouting Fields Closely Recommended

John Pike, University of Illinois Crop Sciences Research Agronomist, Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, observed some cutting of corn plants today (May 18) in some plots that had volunteer ryegrass prior to burndown (Figure 1). John indicated that overall moth flight has been low at this location; however, as his observations illustrate, it is still worthwhile to scout fields closely for cutting activity.… Read more

Stripe rust and Fusarium head blight (scab) concerns in Illinois

Stripe rust of wheat has been observed in different parts of Illinois within the last week. Although some varieties have very good resistance to stripe rust, there are still several varieties that are susceptible. Stripe rust is able to flourish under the cooler temperatures we’ve had over the last few days.… Read more

Projected Cutting Dates for Black Cutworms: Don’t Forget to Scout

Kelly Estes, Illinois Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator, works with a network of volunteers across the state to monitor flights of key insect pests, including the black cutworm. Significant flights (nine or more moths trapped over 2-day period) of black cutworm moths occurred in Ford County (April 30), Mercer County (May 2), Lee County (May 4), Whiteside County (May 5), and Henry (May 10).… Read more

A Quick Pigweed Identification Exercise

A scouting trip last Thursday to our Palmer amaranth research location west of Kankakee revealed that Palmer amaranth plants had begun to emerge a few days before our arrival. Early and accurate identification of Palmer amaranth plants is an important component of an integrated management program, but differentiating among seedling-stage Amaranthus plants sometimes can be difficult.… Read more

2015 Season at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic

What pests will the 2015 growing season feature? Let the Plant Clinic help you diagnose them. Samples havePreview been gradually filling up the lab here at the Clinic in our 40th year of operation. On the field front, there have been concerns with root and virus disease diagnosis in wheat.… Read more

University of Illinois Weed Science Field Research Tour

We invite you to attend the 2015 University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day on Wednesday, June 24th at the University of Illinois Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, located immediately south of the main campus.… Read more