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Why was tar spot less of an issue in 2019 and what does this mean for 2020?

Tar spot was a minor nuisance in Illinois this year, with many areas only affected to a mild degree.  Why did we see less tar spot in 2019 and what does this mean for 2020?  Click here to read the new article posted on the Illinois Field Crop Disease Hub.… Read more

Fall fertilizer considerations in 2019

The high number of prevented-planting fields in some areas, the late start to harvest, and the inability to apply P and K fertilizer as planned last fall or this past spring combine to raise a number of questions about fall application of P, K, and lime over the next few months.… Read more

Tips for small grain planting in an odd 2019 field season.

Soon many producers will be starting to plant small grains.  Below is my “Top six” list of important things to consider when planting wheat and other small grains in the coming weeks.

1) Ensure that you remove green bridges at least 10 days prior to planting. … Read more

Insect monitoring in soybean: what to look for during pod fill

At this point in the season, most of our insect monitoring efforts are focused on soybean. There are several pests that can damage soybean during pod fill, and proper scouting is necessary to identify and, occasionally, control these insects.… Read more

Corn and soybean crops limp towards the finish line

After the worst start to a cropping season in decades, mid-season lack of rain in parts of Illinois, and season-long low crop ratings, it’s time to take a look at what comes next as the 2019 cropping season moves into its final stages.… Read more

Late season tar spot- what is on the horizon?

There has been some chatter about tar spot starting up a bit in Northern Illinois corn fields.

Tar spot risk map as of 9.3.19. Most fields are near or past R5 in many of the areas in question.… Read more

Diagrams to help you rate foliar disease on corn

Many in the agricultural community, as well as researchers annually rate corn for disease as a means to assess hybrid response, hybrid effectiveness, or potential disease level on field productivity.  It can be difficult to rain the eye to accurately measure disease on foliage, and differences in the type and size of the structure or lesion associated with the pathogen varies significantly. … Read more

Let us know if you see these diseases in Illinois!

There are two, fairly new and / or important diseases  to keep an eye out for in 2019.  We are actively seeking samples of symptomatic plants for research to help us understand the biology, ecology, and management of these pathogens. … Read more

2019 Observations from the Field: Dicamba

Approximately two weeks ago, only a few (11 reported as of July 16) dicamba-related complaints had been filed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA), and some held aspirations that the magnitude of off-target issues would be less this year than during the two previous seasons. … Read more

Corn and soybean crops at mid-season, 2019

The 2019 Illinois corn crop reached 50% planted during the first week of June, more than a month later than the average of the past five years. The soybean crop reached 50% planted a few days later than corn, and more than three weeks later than the average of the past five years.… Read more